Yenpape Hosting Is Committed To Making It Easy To Transfer Your Site To Your New Hosting Account With Us. We Can Transfer Website Files, Databases, And Scripts As Long As You Currently Use

What Qualifies Me For A Free Transfer ?

Yenpape provides free transfers for new accounts within 30 days of sign-up, and to newly upgraded accounts., Please allow up to 48 hours for us to complete the account transfer.

If you have already used your free transfer or if you are out of the 30 day and you would still like to move to Yenpape Hosting ? we can move your content for you then simply Open a Ticket.

Currently Hosted In VPS, CPanel,Plesk,Direct Admin,Kloxo,Webmin ?

If your website is currently hosted on the cPanel,Plesk,Direct Admin,Kloxo,Webmin what ever hosting platform, which you use for all accounts, we can migrating your website to our hosting environment should be as simple as obtaining a full backup from your current host and providing that to us. Remember to always keep a backup of your files especially when you’re having a site migration.


  • Please do not cancel your old hosting account until you have changed your DNS settings and thoroughly tested your new Yenpape Hosting account to make sure the migration was successful.
  • We recommend you provide an e-mail address that does not belong to the domain that you want to migrate. This minimizes the possibility of emails getting lost during the migration.
  • you want to transfer databases, please provide specific instructions about how to access them. Additionally, please tell us if the databases contain views, functions, or stored procedures. The cPanel migration procedure does not migrate these items, so we must migrate them manually.
  • If you are a reseller, we will transfer up to twenty existing cPanel accounts for free. If you want to transfer more than twenty accounts, there is a fee.



When upgrading to a higher-priced hosting plan, we will migrate your account to the new product for free. The data center migration fee is also waived if you choose to move to a new data center during the upgrade process. Upgrades requests are processed and effective only after payment for the package price difference is paid.If you would like to move to another data center without upgrading your account, there is a $25 migration fee.


When downgrading to a lower-priced plan, the difference between the amount of the current package price already paid over the new package price will be placed on the billing account as a service credit. Refunds will not be issued and a $25 downgrade migration fee will be charged. Please contact the sales or billing department if considering an upgrade or downgrade to determine what options are available as well as cost.

– Migrations From Other Hosts

Our Special Transfer Experts Team will do Dedicated Hosting Accounts , From Reseller Hosting Accounts , Managed VPS Accounts ,Plesk,Direct Admin,Kloxo,Wbmin Lite Web Hosting, Swift Web Hosting and Turbo Web Hosting, Migrations.

We can Transfer Free cPanel account migration from another host.

– MIGRATING From A CPanel Server:


If you are moving to us from a cPanel server and you have root access on the host you are leaving, we will migrate an unlimited number of accounts over the initial 20 free accounts for a flat $25 fee.


If you are moving to us from a cPanel server and do not have root access on the host you are leaving, each additional account over the initial 20 free accounts will have a $5 fee


If you are moving from a non-cPanel server , we will migrate one site for free. Additional sites are $35 each.

– MIGRATING FROM A Dedicated Server:

If you are moving from a Dedicated server, we will migrate it for $50.

TO Begin The Transfer

Go to the and open a support ticket. So we can initiate the account transfer, please provide the following information.

Your name.

Your e-mail address.

Account IP address and/or hostname at the other web hosting provider.

Account domain name at the other web hosting provider.

cPanel username / root access at the other web hosting provider.

cPanel password at the other web hosting provider.

Primary domain for your Yenpape Hosting account.

cPanel username for your Yenpape Hosting account.

cPanel password for your Yenpape Hosting account.

  • Please Kindly Read Our TRANSFER POLICY
  • We will notify you once the account transfer is complete.
  • Test your web site on the Yenpape Hosting server before you change the domain’s name server settings. To do this, you can use the shared URL provided in your Welcome e-mail,
  • Once the Test Completed you can Update your name server to Yenpape
  • Wait 48 hours for DNS propagation to complete
  • After you verify that the web site on the Yenpape Hosting server is accessible and working correctly, you can cancel your account with the other hosting provider

Price Adjustments

To remain competitive, we occasionally make changes to our plans and pricing. To have your plan updated to current offerings please contact our or contact us 24/7 on Live chat and we are happy to make those adjustments.

Are There Any Sites That Yenpape Simply Cannot Move ?

Noo, but Unfortunately while Yenpape has a well trained and very experienced transfers team, some sites due to technical limitations cannot be moved. Our current list of sites/hosts which we cannot transfer from is as follows:

  • VistaPrint
  • Intuit
  • Wix
  • Website Tonight
  • Google Sites<
  • Office Live Small Business / Office 365

For Any Query please send an E-Mail to: or contact us 24/7 on Live chat