How to install cPremote backup plugin in a cPanel server?


cPremote is a cPanel backup plugin for managing backups. It’s a paid and licensed plugin. It supports incremental, compressed and uncompressed backups with seven days retention. cPremote has a WHM interface which helps server admins as well as cPanel end users to manage their backups. Hence cPremote management is quite easy. It has restore feature too.

cPremote restore feature includes the restore of full backups, home directories, email accounts, domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, files and folders etc.

It basically uses rsync command to sync the backups to its destination. Hence this won’t consume much CPU while doing backups.

Installation Requirements

1. Operating system – CentOS 6/7.
2. Latest cPanel version – 11.60 or its higher versions

Installation steps

Before proceeding with the installation, we need to license the IP. Log into your cPremote provider portal and add license for it.
Once your IP is licensed, you’re good to proceed with its installation. Yeah, let’s start!

Step 1. Downloading the cPremote package

Log into syslint portal panel and download the cPremote plugin. You can download the plugin from the URL

As of writing, the latest version of cPremote is Cpremote V 10.1(tar.gz). Download it to your local machine and then upload it your server.

Assuming that you’ve uploaded the package to /usr/local/src of the server.

Step 2. Untar the package

# cd /usr/local/src
# tar -xzf cpremote-10.0.tar.gz

Step 3. Installing the package

Before installing the package make sure you have enabled ioncube loader as cPanel PHP loader in WHM >> Tweak settings.

Else your installation will be failed.

Once ioncube is set as cPanel PHP loader, you can proceed with the following steps:

# cd cpremote-10.0
# ./ install

If your installation is successful, you’ll get a similar output as below:

Now, we can check the web interface of cPremote in WHM.

Log into WHM. Navigate to cPremote section to manage your cPremote – backup plugin.

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