How to disable services from cPanel monitoring?


How can I disable this for an unused service on my server?

By-default, cPanel monitors all services installed on the server by using the “Chkservd” daemon. Chkservd monitors all services installed on the server and restarts or try to restart them automatically if any services are stopped for some reason. You can manage this simply from the WHM panel or from the server CLI. Here I’m explaining the steps to enable/disable services from the cPanel monitoring.

Email for service down alert from cPanel Chkservd.

clamd failed @ Sat Apr 24 12:14:11 2016. A restart was attempted automatically.
Service Check Method: [check command]

Cmd Service Check Raw Output: clamd is not installed

The monitoring process in cPanel is responsible by “Service Manager” section in WHM.

Location :: “Home » Service Configuration » Service Manager

Steps to enable/disable a service from cPanel monitoring

  1. Log into WHM as root.
  2. Then go to “Home » Service Configuration » Service Manager
  3. Uncheck the service from the “Monitor” column.
  4. Then “Save.”

How to disable a service from Chkservd via CLI (Command Line Interface)?

Yeah, you must know about how to do this via the shell too. Here I’m explaining the command-line tricks to do so:

  1. SSH to server as root.
  2. Open the Chkservd configuration file “/etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf” with your favorite file editor.
  3. You can disable and enable services by using 0 and 1.  
  4. Restart “Chkservd” service.The script pasted below will restart the Chkservd service./scripts/restartsrv_chkservdThat’s it!

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