Before creating a re-seller account  in kloxo you must have an idea about the creation of packages and DNS template in Kloxo. You can easily create packages in your Kloxo control panel. Here I am explaining the package creation and then the re-seller account creation for your Kloxo server.


How to create a Package in Kloxo control panel ?

Step 1 : Login to Kloxo control panel, Click here for “How to access kloxo control panel


Step 2 : Click on “Resource Plan” under Administration.
Refer this image,

Step 3 : Click on “Add resource plan” and create your own custom plan.
See the image for more details;

Then Create.

Steps to create Re-seller account ?

Step 4 : Click on “Clients” under Administration.

Step 5 : Click on “Add re-seller” and create your re-seller.
See this image for reference;

You can select the package for your re-seller while creating the account. You can access the re-seller account by using the re-seller name and password on http://IP.ADDRESS:7778

That’s it ! ?

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